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Will the Ohio State Buckeyes get an early Christmas present?

What do you want for Christmas? Is it a ticket to New Orleans? That is what the Buckeyes want. Ohio State would have preferred to earn the present themselves, though, not have to wait for someone else to gift them.

Many Buckeyes are speculating that if Missouri or West Virginia were to lose their last game, the Buckeyes could be chosen for the national championship game. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, many fans gathered together to watch the games and cheered when LSU lost. As for Uconn, they did not pull off the big upset over West Virginia that Ohio State fans wanted.

Travel agencies that provide travel arrangements for fans are holding off confirming arrangements, ready to change from the Rose Bowl game in Pasadena to the BCS national championship title game to be played in New Orleans, if the much hoped for Christmas present for Buckeyes arrives this Sunday.

While I would like to see the Buckeyes play in the BCS national championship title game, as an old school fan, I have a special place in my heart for the Rose Bowl game. I am also pessimistic that there have been so many big upsets this season, that there may not be any left to pull out of the hat.

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Ohio State Buckeyes – following the same road as 2002?

I watched the Buckeyes game on Saturday and during the first half, I had to wonder, does this team have what it takes to win? I am not an expert, but I know what makes me uncomfortable and watching the first half was extremely painful! During the first two quarters of the game and even at the start of the third quarter, it looked like the players had been in the parking lot, tailgating and partying with the fans.

During the 2002 season, Coach Tressel was able to correct the course of the game during half time and this week he did it again. It’s like a different team came out on the field from the one that went into the locker room.

How did Ohio State go from showing extremely poor execution to knocking the stuffing out of Wisconsin? Was the style of play a plan on the part of the Ohio State coaching staff? Was this a plan by Tressel? Did he want to have the players look defeat in the face? Was he trying to make them stronger and more focused? Why did we not have a running game? What happened to Beanie to light a fire under his butt? This week with Illinois should tell us something.

Hey, what about #33 James Laurinaitis for the Heisman? Also, we have heard that Boeckman is also being considered? Ohio State and its players are getting respect since the Wisconsin defeat!

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Big Ten Network wins Big! Ohio State / Wisconsin game on the BTN

How does ABC pass on broadcasting the number 1 team in the nation? Where are their brains? The Ohio State / Wisconsin game was passed up by ABC so that they could show the Iowa / Northwestern game. How does that happen? Ohio State Buckeye fans will be able to catch this week’s game on the Big Ten Network at 12:00 PM.

How many people out there don’t have the Big Ten Network yet? At this time, Time Warner Cable has not reached any agreement with the BTN and so does not offer access. Where do you go to watch the game? How many of you have subscribed to Direct TV?

I think that more people are getting together this year than ever, to watch the games, tailgating or partying with their friends that have satellite service. If the fans don’t have friends with Direct TV, they probably go to a bar to watch the game. (But don’t smoke while your are there! Oh, that’s another subject.) Next week though, you will be able to get Ohio State Buckeyes on ABC at 3:30 for the big Ohio State / Illinois game.

Isn’t it great how you don’t know the schedule in advance to make plans? The information regarding the Ohio State / Wisconsin game wasn’t available until Monday of this week. Maybe we have gotten spoiled! Remember when you only got to see maybe ONE Ohio State game a year on TV? (Really aging myself with that one.) Anyway, for the balance of this football season, we know where and when we can watch our team. Until the start of the basketball season when this whole thing with the Big Ten Network starts again.

Go Bucks!! OH IO !!

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Do you hate The Buckeyes? Join the crew at ESPN!

Saturday afternoon before the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game, I was listening to ESPN and the commentators were discussing the upcoming game. First, the gentlemen (term used loosely from this Buckeye fan) were discussing the BCS rankings, the surprise of the loses in the previous few weeks, and the undeserved number 1 ranking of The Ohio State Buckeyes. “They haven’t proved themselves,” “Who have they played?! No one with any credibility,” …” weak team schedule is the only way that they have the record of 7-0,” and last but not least was “Michigan State would take the Buckeyes down.”

Okay, maybe not those exact words, but I wasn’t taking note on what those guys said. I was getting angry that every week they have only negative remarks! And, it isn’t just ESPN but all the major networks. It doesn’t matter if Ohio State is appearing on that particular network or not. Well guess what folks, Ohio State football is big business and every supplier for my store says that Ohio State merchandise is their best selling product line! Maybe that is the reason that everybody tries to get their licks in against the Buckeyes, trying to build their ratings by using the best damn football program in the land!

Well, folks, my team ended that game with an 8-0 record and showed those men at ESPN that they could beat Michigan State. And, don’t come back and tell me that Michigan State would have won that game, if they had only had more time. (Like the comments that I heard today.) It was not the so-called best offense in the Big Ten that scored 14 points for MS, it was the MS defense.

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Ohio State Buckeyes to the top of the AP poll and Number 1 in the BCS Standings, con’d

After switching back and forth with LSU for the number one ranking all season, week 6 arrived and USC gets beat. USC was in free fall to number 10 on the AP poll. Ohio State moved to 3rd place and Wisconsin got beat by Illinois, dropping to number 19.

This past Saturday was another day of big losses. LSU, 1st in the polls, lost to 8th ranked Kentucky in triple overtime and California, in 2nd place, lost to Oregon State, an unranked team. Ohio State moved to number one, followed by South Florida and Boston College!

Following Sunday’s announcement Ohio State shared the following comment from OSU coach Jim Tressel: “Our guys have done what they have needed to do to this point in the year, and we are pleased with that effort and progress, but not content. With the most demanding part of our schedule remaining with five Big Ten conference games, there is a lot of work ahead of us. We’ve improved each week, but we understand that the only poll that counts is the last one.”

This week, Ohio State takes on Michigan State. According to Coach Tressel, MS will “leave no stone unturned in their attempt to defeat OSU. With 16 players on their team from the State of Ohio, they are our friends off the field but for 3 hours this Saturday, they won’t be.” … As for the number 1 standing in the BCS, the “only time for euphoria is if you are number one in the middle of January.”

This has been a strange season! To see the Buckeyes move in rankings is good, but better, would be for this Buckeye team to continue their regular season winning streak! Go Buckeyes OH-IO!

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Ohio State Buckeyes to the top of the AP poll and Number 1 in the BCS Standings

What were the chances on August 19th, when the AP pre-season poll came out that Ohio State would be ranked number 1 when the 1st BCS standings came out for the 2007 football season? They were ranked 11th and had what was considered a weak schedule. Well, follow the rise of Ohio State to the top of the AP poll.

In the first game of the official season Appalachian State defeated Michigan, ranked 5th. The disbelief and impact on the college sports reporting was incredible and this first week was just the beginning. (Tailgating Ohio State fans were ecstatic and parties continued long after the Michigan game was over, if not in fact, than in the hearts and minds of Buckeyes!) Ohio State played Youngstown State, winning the game but they dropped to 12th place, while Michigan dropped from the AP rankings altogether.

With a win over Akron, Ohio State moved to up 10th place and Wisconsin was ranked 7th, in the week 2 AP poll. (Ohio State and Wisconsin both had 2-0 records.) Then, week three, after a win over Washington, Ohio State was moved to 8th in the rankings and Wisconsin dropped to 9th, even though they won their game and both Big Ten teams had records of 3-0.

The only change in the top ten during week four was 10th ranked Penn State lost to Michigan, get ready for the launch, Buckeye fans, week five is about to happen! Third ranked Oklahoma, 4th ranked Florida, 5th ranked West Virginia and 7th ranked Texas lost! What were the odds! Ohio State moved up to 4th and Wisconsin to 5th on the poll.

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Where oh where have my Buckeyes gone? cont’d

• These games used to be available on broadcast or other more widely distributed networks, but the Big Ten withdrew them in order to try to make more money not only from its fans – but from cable customers who are not fans or even interested in sports. These games were available last year locally without the Big Ten seeking an additional fee from viewers. This year, the Big Ten Conference wants fans to pay not only for access to these local games, but other games that hold little or no local interest.
We sincerely hope this situation can be resolved quickly so that our customers who want to see Ohio State games will be able to view them. In the meantime, you’ll still be able to see the majority of Ohio State’s games on channels you already receive such as ABC, ESPN and ESPN2.
For more information, and updates on the negotiations, please check our Web site:

Jim Tressel has come out in favor of the new network in TV commercials saying, “Buckeye fans, call this number to tell your cable or satellite company you want the Big Ten Network on basic cable. You deserve it.” Now, I like Coach Tressel, but he sees things very differently from those fans that live from paycheck to paycheck. I agree that I would like to have the BTN on basic cable, but I agree with Time Warner that the per household cost is too much.

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Where oh where have my Buckeyes gone? cont’d

• The BTN has said publicly that it wants $1.10 per customer per month for cable companies to bring you BTN programming in Ohio. At this rate, the BTN stands to make $237 million each year from cable customers in the Big Ten states alone. Outside the eight-state Big Ten region, Big Ten fans are being asked to pay far less for the same programming – only 10 cents per month per customer. That means an avid Ohio State fan who happens to live in West Virginia pays only $.10 per month while those of us living in Ohio are being asked to pay $1.10 per month. It’s just not fair.
• Only one major video provider has reached an agreement with BTN, a company that also owns 49% of the BTN.
• At this point, BTN has announced about half of the football games that they will air in the upcoming season. Of those games, not one involves a Big Ten Conference match-up involving Ohio State. In addition, at most, fans of one university will miss a few football games that ABC and ESPN do not consider key match-ups.

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Where oh where have my Buckeyes gone?

Will you watch the Big Ten football games at home? No, you can’t, not if you have Time Warner/Roadrunner as your cable network. You have to sign up for Direct TV. Funny, Direct TV owns 49% of the new Big Ten Network.

Frustration set in for many Ohio State Buckeye fans last Saturday. They tried to find the football game on their local TV station. The Buckeyes were not there. What do I do now? Find a friend with Direct TV, go to a sports bar, or listen to the game on the radio. So far, we only have one more game scheduled for the Big Ten Network. Thank goodness!
Time Warner customers that have email, received the following communication to inform us of what was happening.

• Time Warner Cable would like to make Big Ten Network (BTN) programming available to our customers who want it. We know that some of the games are important to a segment of our customers.
• Because this programming is so highly priced, we want to make it available as part of a separate sports package to those who want it – without increasing the cost for everyone. The BTN will not allow us to deliver the network on these terms because it insists that all customers – including those uninterested in its programming – must pay.

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